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I just hit 90 yay! but I went to q-up for a regular MoP dungeon via the dungeon finder because my gear lvl is nit high enough for heroics. But for some reason it is not an option in my dungeon finder screen.... So I can't get the jp points? Just wondering if the regular versions are no longer available for "random" once you hit 90 or if this is a bug? Any help would be great!
I am wondering the same thing!
If you go thru the Dread Waste quest you'll have over the ilvl required. Or you could buy crafted gear, right now that is the only solution.
it was supposed to be fixed the other day;

but it's crossed out now. I guess they weren't able to hotfix it, so we might need to wait for a patch.

I'd recomend just moving into Heroics, they're much easier than Cata ones were. and/or buying pvp gear/converting honor, for now.


You can specific queue though.
It's a pain haha.

I wanted to queue with my level 89 friend and we couldn't do randoms so we just selected and rolled on anyway, but yeah, I'd like to be able to help my lower level guildies and be rewarded for it too (not that I'd stop helping them if Blizzard said "NO!").
I filed a ticket when I grouped with my guildmates and we had to specific queue. I don't mind losing out on the JP and gold, but they shouldn't be penalized. This was my response, received today, "...There is no option for random regulars at level 90. You can only do heroic at this point."

Nice goin, Blizz. I thought this was supposed to be about helping friends and guildmates.

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