Need PC building help.

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I have been looking into PC parts these last few days as I plan to build one pretty soon.

I've looked at a few threads about picking the right parts, but I'm completely blind when it comes to this, because there were several options for each part, and I don't know what to look for in PC parts.

So what I would like for one the forum computer wizards to select a list of parts for me from Newegg, or whatever other sites there may be.

As far as what I want to play, I would like to play WoW on max settings, and also DC Universe Online at max settings if possible.

I can choose a monitor, a mouse, and a case myself if need be, and my budget is no more then $2700.
Take a look at example builds in my guide. There's pcpartpicker link with each example builds.
Would you link the guide again?

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