Black Boxes of Doom

Bug Report
Hey Blizz,
I have been trying to for weeks now to get this bug addressed, but every person I communicate with gives me the same scripted answer of updating my video card drivers, reloading the UI, or deleting the three folders of death and try running World of Warcraft without any Addons.

Let me say, I already have done all of that and took it one step further by completely uninstalling World of Warcraft and deleting any and all files that ever mentioned Blizzard, Activision, or World of Warcraft. I then proceeded to reinstall the game and play it without any addons, yet I still have the same issue... Four times now.

This is my final plea for some assistance to get this issue addressed.

Any ideas?

For those who do not wish to follow links...
The above link shows just how bad this UI issue can get. All icons in my UI are replaced with black boxes and even equipment and whole characters are turned black.
I'd suggest posting in the Tech Support section. That seems more like a problem they can help with.
You know what's funny? I was told by a GM to report it in the Bug Section.

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