AV is epic when...

Horde force the alliance to pvp. 40 vs 40 clash in the mid blood and guts everywhere that's what i'm talking about . I rallied the horde in the beginning to do just that and the battle was intense and we slowly started to push the alliance back the won the game without even killing van. And spam harvest life near 30 alliance is a crazy AoE while spamming rain of fire. I hate it when people say lets race to the 2 towers and wait for them to cap so we can kill van. What's the point of that u might as well just make the bg who can kill the boss faster. I played AV in vanilla and miss those 2 hour long games being backed into our last base and somehow come back and win.
Does AV still even pop? o.O
The longest AV I was ever in lasted almost 50 minutes... The Hordies had us turtled into our base, fighting for our lives to keep them away from Van.

One guy suggested "Why not collect the thingies for the druids?" So we did.

And we summoned the druids! Too bad the Hordies were onto us, and facerolled the druids before they could finish summoning. We were able to push them back for a hard-earned victory.

But, this was back just after TBC launched, before resources or timers.
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Does AV still even pop? o.O

not for me! It's excluded

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