Many alliance dead due to SWBRB

News flash. Nobody in guild has mentioned it. PvP happens on PvP server. I will say again if we came here everytime we were ganked by horde the forums would be full of qq. Go play the game. Cannot possibly be causing as much carnage as you claim if you come here every 30 seconds to post.
Sorry i can multitask killing your guild and typing.
lol takes 3 alliance to kill me gj on that.
you do know how many members this guild has right? you are killing our guild lol? we could make waste of you and your company and keep you busy all night long. just go play the game now and leave the forums to the big boys. now quit embarrassing yourself.
You soloed me? i would love to see that. Scrubs cant even make up decent lies.
I thought you could solo me scrub?
Oh no, you mean i never did rated PVP heaven forbid. Im sorry im a raider and someone who recently came back.
You still crying Pwny.
Shut up. You make the horde look bad. If you cant handle the Wpvp transfer off the server the Horde War Machine no longer requires your assistance.
Im loving it. Im destroying them. Nothing to complain about. Just helping out fellow horde.
You were cutting onions. Tell the truth now.

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