<Lights Vengeance> is Recruiting!

<Lights Vengeance> 8/8HM DS - 1/6 MV

We are currently in need of the following classes for an immediate core raiding spot:

Shadow Priest
Feral Druid

We are also always accepting casuals to take advantage of our guild perks and numerous alt runs.

About Us
Lights Vengeance is a close-knit guild. The core group of us have been raiding together for over a year. We are a laid back and relaxed guild. We laugh, we joke around, and we kill bosses.

About You
You are not only a good player, but you are a good person. You laugh, you joke around, but when it's raid time you mean business. You take criticism well in the event that you make a mistake. You show up to raids on time, and fully prepared. Food/Flasks are generally provided for our raiders, but you will carry your own, just in case. You fully know your class and are properly reforged/gemmed/enchanted.

Raid Times
We raid Tuesday and Thursday, 6:45pm to 10pm. Because of our abbreviated raid schedule, we expect 100% attendance. If you cannot commit to 6.5 hours of raiding a week, this is not the guild for you.

For more information, or to apply, visit lightsvengeance.enjin.com, or whisper Kesleasan, Gracon, or Salvv in-game.
Bumpage for Spriest!! Also would consider a strong balance druid!

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