Bm vs arms warrior

10/07/2012 11:57 AMPosted by Limberwalrus
Khanner get a life! Go eat some cheerios or something i promise you nobody here crapped in them.... yet.

The ignorance in your post is astounding. Perhaps you should be directing that at someone else (the person I quoted)?
10/06/2012 12:47 PMPosted by Xarc
Oh and how could i forget, if you get him down to 30% your not gonna get him any lower due to second wind

yes,...omg..a warrior amost killed me bcs of this!!
things change with gear... but... bm is "supposed" to have crazy burst and what not. i did some bgs just to see how things went with people who have the gear.

i found a warrior who only had 302k health... so NOT NOT NOT NOT great geared at all. they were also really poorly played. "saving my burst" for sub 35% allowed me to do next to no damage until then. i kited them forever (they made terrible use of charge, fear, shockwave, snare, and HL or they could have had more uptime) to get them to 50% and then burst and could not finish. i waited for cds and tried again but didn't have stamp or lynx rush and even though they were at sub 35% and they did get into KS range i still couldn't finish them AND they did NOT pop defensive cds on that second burst (nor did they pop defensive cds on the first burst). while i had my cds down and was kiting the warrior would actually get health slowly BACK so that was a net gain for them (unless i got a string of lucky crits).

then a second toon showed up and the warrior died. this was on a warrior who is MORE TERRIBLE GEARED THAN I AM, and i am terrible geared.

when i see warriors that have around my health and any level of pvp gear i know that even with my burst i will never kill them unless we 2v1 them (sometimes more than 2v1).

i have seen warriors in bgs living through 3 and 4 toons for WAY longer than any other toon can do.

maybe with gear it changes. probably BOTH bm AND warrior will get nerfed.

BM doesn't seem that fun right now anyway. when i was questing up on this hunter i would usually only have recount show 10 to 14k damage done... now in my current gear it can get up to 20k (just questing), but it can drop and be crap again if i am oof. this damage is without cds like BW or LR BUT WITH THEM i would still get up to only 16 to 18k (less than my war or dk). sustained damage sucks badly.

on my warrior while questing up i regularly did 20 to 24k damage and on my dk it was the same sometimes spiking up to 27k (all single target). the warrior would DROP down to a HIGHER dps than the hunter with NO CS and no crits and no good overpower procs. my dk in blood spec can do the single target damage of my hunter.

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