Sha of Anger Bugged - Sargeras

Bug Report
Sha of Anger despawned around 11:18pm PST on Sargeras, He has not respawned since.
Same with Barthilas
still bugged as of today. No spawns since 11:18 PST Yesterday.
I think possibly with Stormrage too.
Sha of Anger has not spawned since last night on Draenor so its affecting us as well.
Same on Area 52.
Looks like it is the same on Cho'Gall. We have been waiting 4 hours for a respawn.
Been waiting for a spawn for nearly two hours on Terenas. Hoping to see it soon, thought the spawn timer was 90 minutes.
Good luck we waited 4 hours, no sha.
It spawned on Terenas after less than two hours, so no issue with that here.
Seems to be the same case on Shadow Council.
Not spawning on Shadow Council either.. we waited 2.5-3 hours
Still seems to be bugged on Sargeras
Haven't seen it since last night on Shadowmoon
Some extra info pertaining to Sargeras. Don't have exact times but here's what happened last night, Oct 4th, in a span of time between 11pm and 2am server time (central):

Group forms for Sha, waiting on alleged respawn.
Acknowledge that player forming raid may have had incorrect data for last kill, end up waiting an extra ~30 min for actual spawn.
Sha spawns at location where only 2 raid members are location, 2 members die, Sha lols and despawns.
Here is where we see the first of the perceived issues: we have consistently seen the Sha respawning within ~5min after a despawn. However, we waited another ~40min for him to respawn after this unfortunate-death-based reset.
After he finally did respawn, an awkward period of time later, we had our group prepared, tagged him and happily began beating the crap out of him as intended.
He despawned mid-combat after taking minimal damage.

We are fairly certain that at this time there were no jerks around attempting to reset him with a taunt and running out of range (which I have heard has been fixed, but if not would appreciate).

Some people have been claiming blue posts indicate that "the Sha of anger will now spawn more frequently, but less predictably," which I have personally not been able to locate.

Any confirmation/debunking any of this would be appreciated, even if it's just "we're aware Sha's screwed up and are working on a solution," so we know where we stand!

TL;DR: Sargeras Sha is spawning/despawning erratically and we would love some Blue-flavored info on whether this is intended or a fix is in the works.
Appears to have happened on Stonemaul today. He despawned midfight and hasn't respawned in ~12 hours.
Same on Blackrock.

Meh, I'm the Sha of Apathy. Your indifference sustains me, I guess.
Yeah, it's been around 30 hours with no Sha of Anger up on Stormscale either. Not sure what's going on there.
bout allegged 15 hours on frostmourne since last kill / spawn, not exactly "more frequently"

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