Sha of Anger Bugged - Sargeras

Bug Report
20th hour people say they have killed him, no confirmation.. guild loots show differently. WHY. IS. THIS. HAPPENING? Blues please from the mighty gods of azeroth post.
I don't mind the change to Sha on the spawn timer, but atleast tell us he his bugged on select servers. Mal'ganis had him spawn this morning. Someone tagged him in a small group and died due to the raid being spread out. He despawned and we have not seen him since and this is well over 90 minutes closer to 2 hours. Elite Sha adds are still spawning in his last location.
Sha just not spawning on sargeras....
content not working. is working as intented, no blue post is proof! sha still bugged on Cho'gall.
I love you ASAP.
Have any Blizzard Employees commented on this issue? I'm having the same problem on Stormrage. Haven't seen him all day yesterday or today.
No Word yet? /Bump
This needs to be fixed on sargeras.. Hasn't spawned all day
On Tich as well. I heard that the last time it spawned was last morning at 8am, bugged ever since.
Still broken... ANY NEWS, BLIZZARD?????
Closing in on 48 hours without seeing him on Silver Hand...
Where is the Blizzard Support on this? I just want to be acknowledged.
Stormrage appears bugged too. I've been waiting 5 hours, and no one in the zone has seen him today.
I'd like to kill this before tuesday if possible... except it hasnt spawned in the last 8 hours
Sargeras /BUMP
Pretty sure were gonna need another hotfix...
This is pretty big bull !@#$, Blizzard could at least respond to the complaints, as this is pretty damn big problem.
Happening on Saurfang as well.

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