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Today when logging into my account here on the site, I did not receive the usual authenticator code window upon logging in. I logged out a second time then back in and still no conformation. I double checked to see if my authenticator device was still selected as "active" on my account settings and it is.

I know with the game you don't have to enter in the code every time, but I've always had to with the site and it provided me with a sense of security with the amount of accounts that get hacked daily. Is the site now working much like the game where the code isn't needed for every log-in, or is there something else I need to look into?

Anxiously awaiting a reply,

They added a new checkbox to the site to remember your computer for one week when you log in with your Authenticator. It was pretty easy to miss.

You can uncheck it next time you get prompted to make it ask you every time.
Ooooh I see! Thanks so much Stallie :D I really appreciate it!

That makes a lot of sense. I feel pretty silly now. ^_^()
I think mine was for a month, but forgot. You should be able to clear your cookies for worldofwarcraft or though, try that and see if the next log in it does not ask for it again.

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