When first enh get better?

Im lvl 26 right now and killing stuff takes longer than every other class I leveled. The class feels clunky. There's too little things to do while waiting for cool downs. I'm in all heirloom and same level monk tanks beat me in dps. So here's my question to veteran enh shammys:

1: at what lvl do we get a massive dps increase?

2: Is our aoe dps going to be competitive at 90?

3: do we eventually get any reliable burst capabilities?
tanks are beating you at 26? no surprise, I consistantly pull 2.5k+ on a 40 prot warrior, for low levels, tanks > dps, fact of life.
1) dont know, it happens eventually
2) yes, fire nova off 10+ targets is exceptional AoE, its just, like everything about enH. right now, fiddly to manage
3) reliability and enH. does not exist, unless you go for Elemental mastery as lv 60 talent, however, you have stormlash which you can control to fit your cds, also enH. can nuke very hard if you wait for the majority of your procs to be right, you just have little control over when everything or enough is right
Flurry, windfury and maelstrom, these speed you up, give you burst and give you reason to cast Lightning bolt.

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