Tank + Timed quest kills?

The Trainer challenge quests have so far proven themselves to be not possible for me to complete solo. They do not say group quest so I should be able to solo them, yes? Why on Earth would you put in a timed kill quest when low damage dealing classes exist. My off-spec is holy and that isn't changing due to poor game design. This has been the only insult to being a tank so far. The expansion overall is great but this is joke.
We (tanks) sort of have ourselves to blame for this. We've spent the past 8 years focusing entirely on survival while worrying about our threat (aka damage) as sort of a back seat side effect to doing our duty. Its never been something that any tank has tried to maximize or anything. So now when Blizzard has decided to shift tank focus to promoting our own survivability, it makes sense that they'd think it alright to completely ax our damage.

I'll be the first one to say it; its entirely not fun and needs to be fixed.
you guys are insane tanks do plenty of damage i prefer playing my druid as a cat but questing and stuff i kill things faster as a bear and dont die as easily the trick is to pull as much crap as possible to get vengeance up. Like the rare mobs all over the place ill get hit by their hard hitting ability's on purpose just to get some vengeance going then pop a damage CD; its amazing what taking a 200k hit will do to your attack power. Its all in how you play your tank atm you can far out damage a dps spec as a tank if you do it right.
My damage isn't that great and I'm on prot spec 100% of the time. I just chain pull and aoe down mobs, with second wind once I get down past 35% health they have no chance at killing me so it was hectic at first but after a few heroics I've been able to do fine myself. I've got less aoe than a prot pally, I don't see how they'd have less damage than me on aoeing down basic mobs.
You have less damage on basic mobs due to veng fizzle :)
Veng, on certain encounters, can triple my AP

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