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Death Knight
So I am fixing to start up in MoP and need a little advice... well actually a lot as i have been playing casters for awhile now it seems lol

So spec, stats, and glyphs.... You know pretty much everything is what i need guidance on =)

Also how are DKs lookin right now for MoP overall in PvP?

Thank You all for the help
They are good.
- Less AE damage than before because you use Obliterate more and howling blast less.
- Less scary than before vs healers because your necrotic strike costs a death rune.
- Still as squishy vs meleers.
- But still very high damage output and great peels for your partners. 4pc bonus is great.
Burst and damage isn't even comparable to other classes. We have Oblit and that's it, and it doesn't hit close to other classes main abilities. You will be kited until the end of time and you will die ALL THE TIME in bg's. We can top the damage meters but it doesn't mean anything, it's just HB spam.

I was just crit by a mage last bg (he had 298k health, probably in greens)for 90k, 70k, and another 70k. And then deep freeze broke. I am hating my DK right now.

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