Mage PvP players.

Which class/spec is your biggest fear in 1v1?
BM hunter because...

Well I really don't need to explain.
Bm hunter because bm hunter.
Seems like everyone in this world is afraid of bm hunters lol
We have always been scared of Hunters in general. Espically BM.

And its even worst now but all throughout Cataclysm hunters killed us

Also scary would be Shadow Priest.
Hunters. Also not a fan of Warriors right now. X(
Hunters 1v1.
I wasn't afraid of hunter pre-5.0. No dead range is a scary scary thing...

I also hate fighting feral druids 1v1
warriors and bm huntards
Hunters in general. Hmmm.......That's probably it. There's the occasional DK that can put a ton of pressure on me. But the only class that I try to avoid if I can is a huntard.
Xiun how in hell did you got all those purples already???

I thought that faction change was against the TOS.
BM hunters and warriors

..also a mage that can play better than me :(
BM Hunter if I dont have IB cooldown up, Warriors b/c they are overtuned and second wind is bull!@#$.
Sub Rogues for me.
BM hunters. I don't stand a chance in front of them.
BM Hunters, Shadow Priests and Warlocks. When I'm against Spriests or Locks, I might as well just walk away from the computer.

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