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They should so be a playable race and self-contained styled class. Yeti bodyguards + Luckydoo luck influenced attack and defense abilities + the giant backpack of many things.

I love those little guys.
I'm pretty sure this has been said of -every- new pandaria race. xD

But Grummles are freakin' adorable all the same.
I can usually handle 1 joke race an xpack. The 4 we got this time is a little much
Grummles didn't really strike me as too much of a joke race. Nothing's funny about them, they're just cute.

Unless there's things I've been missing...?
i wants mantids. or hozen.

ya dooker
I want grummles...WHATS YOUR LUCKYDO?! The starting area would be a trade expedition, and you'd have to survive, only the strongest grummles would and those who did get to make their wy into the world as grummles, those who don't are eaten. Mount is Yak obviously, grummlepack as a racial, increases the amount of your main bag space by 10.
If not a playable race, then, as a guildmate of mine suggested, we need one as a companion pet, ala the guild page.

I want my Grummle, any way possible.
"Grummie bears
bouncing here and there and everywhere"
I say later on alliance get Jinyu and Horde can have Hozend :D and then the grummels can be another neutral race
I like their funny hats.

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