Stance/Spec with Modifier not working. Help?

UI and Macro
I have a lot of my abilities macroed with [modifier:ctrl] to help me save space. While its great for saving space, it means I run out of character specific macro space super quick. With MoP release I am rerolling to a Monk, and since I there are so many different abilities between Brewmaster and Windwalker, I tried to adjust my macros to handle that, but so far its not working as intended. Anyone able to tell me what Im doing wrong?

Since Clash Brewmaster specific, and Flying Serpent Kick is Windwalker specific, and Roll is a shared ability, I decieded to try replacing Flying Serpent Kick / Clash with the other based on my spec.
My current "Move" macro (that works).
/use [modifier:ctrl] Clash; Roll

I tired using this, but it doesnt work. I tried replacing stance with spec, and had the same issue.
/use [stance:1, modifier:ctrl] Clash; Roll
/use [stance:2, modifier:ctrl] Flying Serpent Kick; Roll

The first part of the macro (Clash; Roll) works as expected, but when I change stance, I *only* am able to roll, Ctrl does nothing.

I tried it a number of ways, but at best I broke it worse. Any help would be much appreciated.
stance and spec aren't the same thing.
Now you're talking Brewmaster vs. Windwalker and those are specs in the talent tree.

So you do not want stance conditional:

/cast [spec:1,mod:ctrl] Clash; [spec:2,mod:ctrl] Flying Serpent Kick; Roll

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