Problem with two seater mounts

Bug Report
I dunno if this was just me or what.. but My sis and I were playing in Northrend and when she turned in her last quest there she mounted up on my rocket to faster get to Dal (since I have the 310% riding) from Ice crown The way we went made us cross two boarders.. The first boarder we crossed she dismounted and fell down on one of the mountains.. luckly it gave her a parachute. After that I DC'd and when I logged back in I found her but she wasn't moving and she was saying that she had already hopped back on the rocket.. when I saw her just standing there.. So I ended up having to completely close out WoW and re connect .. after that all was fine so we tried again she mounted up on my rocket and we took flight almost right next to Dalaran and she ended up dismounting again.. this time I did not DC.. She had parachuted again to the ground from very high up.. Now I do not think this is something on my end.. I think its something on the games end.. about crossing boarders.. We tried it later again in Hyjal and found it works fine if we do not cross any boarders.. We never had this problem before... but now suddenly it does now. I saw something in the known bugs about a similar occurrence with the two seater mounts and transports.. I just want to let you know it happens with every boarder that is crossed pretty much... we have not tried to fly over boarders in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms. Last time I drove her around them continents it was before the new patch's and it worked fine. It would be great if this could be fixed and I could continue to make use of this two seater mount .. Thanks for reading if you do and have a nice night.
Thanks. It seems to happen all over northrend.. and yes its good we don't die.. its just a pain cause I have The fastest flying and reaching a boarder takes almost no time.. and then there is my sister falling from a thousand miles up which takes longer than me reaching a boarder sometimes lol.. Guess I will have to learn to start flying closer to the ground xD.

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