What do you guys use to reforge?
10/05/2012 10:18 PMPosted by Kiljagen

Man that was good.
Reforgelite with custom stat weights. I really like how close it can get hit / expertise (at end cata with full gear both were exact)

not including current gear.. been way too lazy to reforge until I get full up.
Generally I just use my head looking at the armory but occasionally when I'm feeling lazy I use with Elitistjerks stat weights plugged in.
Until Shadowcraft is once again fully functional, I use the locally run reforge tool that was (is?) up on EJ. I just mod the stat weights and caps. I've strenuously tested it against SC all last xpac and it held its own. I also use not a small amount of my own critical thinking.

I am not properly reforged right now, I will say this up front. It is more gold waste than productive at this particular moment.
The Ask Mr. Robot Optimizer is pretty good atm. EJ and Shadowcraft would have been by go-to a year ago, but they aren't what they used to be. Not to mention Shadowcraft hasn't worked since 5.0.

Simulationcraft has some pretty solid numbers hashed out, and that is what AMrR uses. WoWReforge has yet to update, but whenever they do that's a good site as well.
10/06/2012 05:03 AMPosted by Toxxus
EJ and Shadowcraft would have been by go-to a year ago, but they aren't what they used to be
They weren't exactly what they used to be in 4.0 either. It's not exactly fair to say something that is WiP isn't a fully functional, polished product. EJ remains our foremost think tank on theorycrafting, they are very deliberate in their finalizing systems before releasing for mass consumption.
That's the thing though, they haven't released anything. So far the Rogue threads are skeletons of what they should be, Shadowcraft is down, and the standalone Shadowcraft engine stat weights are out of date.

For instance, it tells me I should exclude expertise. That's an outdated standard. As of 5.0 we need to Expertise cap again (for Assassination). Also, Haste is .02 EP behind Mastery, making it a viable alternative and helping to combat the abysmal energy regen we are plagued with atm. The Shadowcraft engine still has Mastery at it's 4.1 values.

Not saying I wouldn't go back to EJ chiefly, but not until they update and catch up with the rest of the theorycrafters.

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