Sha of Anger Respawn Timer

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Has his respawn timer been broken with the latest hot fix?

It's been six hours since he has spawned on Kil'jaeden.
You cheat at pet battles.
Been waiting 4 hours on Lightning's Blade
The Sha of Anger now respawns more frequently, but less predictably.

is what's supposed to happen.
10/06/2012 06:47 PMPosted by Arianity
is what's supposed to happen.

Lol, love the changes, Galleons timer went way up for us camping him, and Sha hasn't spawned all day.
i waited 5 hours after despawn bug....on Tich....

WTB BH/Wintergrasp system back :/

This, apparently everyone forgot all the terrible things about world bosses in Vanilla/TBC -_-

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