[H] Indef HM 10s - Recruitment Closed

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
[H] Indef (Saurfang) are seeking no one to fill core positions! We're still looking for casuals and socials however, so feel free to get in touch!

Who we are: The members of Indef have been raiding Heroic content together for over 5 years. We’re quiet achievers, having completed 6/7 HM Firelands + Glory of the Firelands Raider and 4/8 HM Dragonsoul (pre-nerf) before taking a break in January to explore Star Wars : The Old Republic, where we completed all available Hard and Nightmare mode raids before returning to WoW. We firmly believe that Heroic content can be explored and conquered in 6 hours per week while having heaps of fun and keeping things positive. Also, we want to be nice to you! Life is too short to be an !@#$%^-.

Who you are: We’re looking for a super-keen raider who loves to excel at their class. A mature (18+, most of us are in our late 20’s and early 30’s) player who shows up well-researched and ready to raid. We love folks who have a voice and want to take part in strategy discussion and constructive criticism. We love a multi-tasker and really appreciate folks who understand the utility of their respective class. We also love people who can have a laugh and poke fun at themselves. We have no time for delicate flowers, internet tough guys or lazy folks.

We raid Mondays 8-11PM AEST and Sundays 7-10PM AEST. We hope to begin raiding in Mists within the next 2 weeks.

Looking for more info? You can get in touch with Velly (Real ID: Velly#1791) or Valdezz in-game on Saurfang, or apply at www.indef.guildlaunch.com

Thanks for checking us out and happy adventuring!
Bumpity ump! Just to add to the above - we're also looking for casual folks and like-minded players who want a place to call home. We love doing stuff outside of raiding and are super-excited about starting challenge mode dungeon runs to see just how high we can get on the leaderboards. If you're 18+ and are looking for a guild that has that elusive "something", we just might be it!
Up you go, still looking for the last 2 members of our core team, if you're on a limited schedule but still want real progression give us a shout ^^
Boinkity boink!
Bumpity! Still looking for a fantastic tank to lead us forward and a lovely healbot to give us some love!

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