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Hey everyone,

Im trying to make a male pandaren but don't know the class. I was wondering if you guys would help me with this? Im looking for a class that would connect with the pandaren lore, something that would be fun to level up, and something that would really connect with other pandaren guilds. Pandaren mages look fun but im not so sure that it would connect to pandaren lore. Pandaren Shaman connects with lore but are a bit boring to level up. Pandaren Priest looks fun to level up, but im iffy about lore, Pandaren Warrior, It connects with lore but don't really like to play. Pandaren Hunters conect with lore but i just finished lvling a hunter, and Pandaren monk conncets with lore perfectly and is so fun to play, though im currently lvling one with my dad and brother. Help me! Thanks!
All the classes inevitably connect with lore, I think. Or at the very least, you can find a way to make them connect with lore. Pandaren priests could worship the various august celestials, Pandaren mages could be primal elementalists and the like, etc. I say roll whatever class you enjoy the most.
Personally when it comes to pandaren priests I see them as similar to monks but without the hand-to-hand combat going on. Instead of using chi to augment their own strength/physical attacks they use the actual power of chi to heal or harm. The only thing really in lore in regards to them though is that pandaren don't use the light like say human priests do.. they don't have a clue what the light is.

Ultimately roll what you want. None of the classes really have anything blatantly against lore.. they just lack lore. You can always make up your own headcanon about it.
Ideas I have had, and one I'm kind of using (might rework my mage's backstory a bit so he is from Pandaria proper - this is important. If you're from Pandaria classes will have different connections than if you're from the Wandering Isle).

Pandaren Mage - For this there are multiple ideas that can be put into place.

If you want to RP and play down on the magic bit you could have it be a pandaren mystic. Borrow heavily from the mystics and ancient alchemists of China from our modern world - the character could be using mysticism based around the elements (because you can cross classes in RP) so instead of wielding the arcane your mystic could wield the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water) and be seeking an elixir for immortality through his various paths.

Could also be a priest of one of the various temples (I'd recommend Crane or Serpent - Chi-ji and Yu'lon both feel like more of patrons for intellect, study and learning than Tiger and Ox).

Hell, he could be a Lorewalker who has learned ancient magics from the days of the Emperor in his studies.

Pandaren Shaman - I've seen various things that all wind up to being the same: monk with lightning fists.

While that is a valid RP path, and one that everyone is free to go down, it doesn't hurt to try and be less monk and more elementalist. You could even have it where he isn't using magic so much as archaic science (this would also fit with mage!). He could have traveled across Pandaria and spoken with some members of the various species who are less... stab you in the throat and devour you and more willing to speak. From the yaungol he learns the secrets of oil and firebombs, from the jinyu ways to treat water with medicinal herbs in special ways, from the hozen... from the grummles... from... the... you get the picture! Less of an emphasis on overall communion with the actual elements and more based on science.

Pandaren Priest - Very simple. A priest of one of the Big Four (Ox, Tiger, Serpent, Crane). I can honestly not think of other paths for this.

Pandaren Warrior - Multiple paths because a very flexible class.

A member of the mysterious Shado-Pan.

A wandering blademaster/wardancer who seeks to protect the various villages of Pandaria from all forms of invader.

A farmer turned to the life of a soldier after losing everything.

A guardian of Niuzao (Ox).

A protector of the grummles on the Burlap Trail.

Just a few ideas for each, even ones you kinda said no to. Always good to keep your options open and such.

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