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I am a semi serious, EX hardcore raider that likes raiding, PVP, General fartassing around, I tend to spend long times AFK infront of Mailbox's on my white pinto/redhawkstrider, I am looking for a raiding team that is Semi serious, That likes to have fun, occasionaly does acheivments, Hangs out in vent etc

My experience?

Complete clear of all burning crusade content bar sunwell pre nerf.
Complete clear of naxx 10/25 ulduar 10/25(Inc hardmodes + STarcaller and observer) Toc 10/25 (+ all H modes bar anub) ICc 10/25 (INcluding all heroic modes, Both light of dawn and bane of the fallen king) (Did not do halion)
Complete clear of T11 content but no H's, Complete clear of Firelands + 6/7 H(H rag to 5% second phase) Complete clear of Dagron soul + Heroic dagron soul, I did my savior kill with the buff disabled.

Complete clear of all burning crusade content bar sunwell pre nerf
Complete clear of all wotlk content including heroic modes, (Except for H toTC and a few ulduar hardmodes) And halion
Complete clear of T11 content (No heroic modes) + Heroic FL to 6/7 HM, No H rag attempts.
Complete clear of all heroic modes in Dragonsoul except saviour and spine

Deeeeeeeeeps (RAnged and melee, Though i prefer range)
All of the above except for HEroic FL, only did Normal as a dps, And only did normal dragonsoul 10 man.

What do i currently have at 90? only my priest (Holy/disc) And i realise that priests are in a bad spot, I just got replaced by a monk at no fault of my own yay... fotm classes awesome, For those that don't know about the priest issues one need only take a look at WoL and the healing/PRiest forums to see all the drama, While yes we are in a bad position, I can still pull my own weight it's just harder, And i'm all for a challange, Aside from the fact that monks are about to be lolnerfed.

My priest is currently 463 geared alliance on barthilas, For those that want me to raid on a differant faction and or on a differant realm, You and or your guild are going to have to fork out the cost of a transfer, AS i've already done it twice i am not interested in losing money over a video game.

What other classes do i offer? The same above, However i can have a tank (Paladin, Deathknight, Warrior) to 90 and raid geared/ready in 3 days

Dps (Mage, Shaman, Druid, Deathknight, Warlock, Rogue) To 90 and raid geared/ready in 3 days

Healers that aren't my priest (Druid, Shaman) to 90 in 3 days and raid geared/ready

My current level of experience is 3/6

Embracechaos#1217 My battletag if you wish to discuss anything, Or convince me to move realm, I am faction/realm inspecific, i don't really mind or care what realm or faction i play on.
Hi Respectable,

We have an immediate opening for a healing priest. We have cleared 4/6 MSV with our enhancement shaman filling in as the 3rd healer. Cloth spirit gear is going to waste.

We cleared 8/8H Dragon Soul with 15% in March (5/8 prenerf, 10% spine, 15% madness).

Raid times are Friday and Saturday 6.20-10.30pm PST.

Apply at http://stolen.enjin.com/ or contact Léon, Venari or Tristha in game.
Contact my realid nuwan.rd@gmail.com or battletag Leon#1401.
Hey there I read your post and im interested. Burn Phase is a weekend 25m guild, we raid 2pm - 5.30pm Sat/Sun (AEST). We were 8/8H in DS, currently 4/16 in MV but we don't officially resume raids until the 13th of october. I will add you ingame but i will put a post here incase your not on.

We're interested in a Paladin or DK tank that is happy to offspec DPS in thier offweek (as in i'd like a permanent 3rd, which i try to rotate around with my other tank), a Resto Shaman (if you're a properly exceptional resto shaman) or possibly a shadow priest if you can play shadow.

I'd be happy to fork out for xfer costs if you are indeed what we are looking for but i will discuss more details ingame with you.

Incase you're not on when i add you, check out our website: Burn-Phase.com

Looking forward to a chat with you,

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