Warriors WAY too OP!

and how long was dks op
I really do love these forums, people used to QQ about how underpowered warriors were, now people QQ about how OP we are! YAY!
Warriors are not op at all, Just look at mages
look up mage burst not just burst but their constant damage and cc and survival its !@#$ing crazy.
less qq more pew pew mr.dk
just because warriors know how to dps doesn't mean they deserve a nerf.

Instead of whining get used to it and learn how to play ur class better mk
somebody got beat by a prot warrior in a duel badly and is mad. happens everytime...
10/07/2012 11:23 AMPosted by Daudi
*checks to see if non warrior made post*

warrior damage to high and i have proof
stop saying that everyone is QQing, when the entire class base agrees besides you then you are probly wrong

Nice try but at the end of the video it says "World of Warcraft Cataclysm" on the loading screen.
Last night a DK told me he DE'd his weapon in the middle of Niuzao.

Check and see if you DE'd your weapon, OP, maybe that is the source of your damage woes

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