Stats For a H Pally!

Hi i just came back to WoW a few weeks ago i stopped playing in Wrath and i know the main stats for H pallys have changed I'm wanting to know what are the main stats I'm looking for. and i noticed spirit is on all healing plate gear is spirit that much more important to pallys now because it used not to be. thank you for the help
We are extremely reliant on Spirit, all healers are. That's the way that mana regen is designed. One of the interesting things is that nothing except for the 2% mana meta gem (which I don't recommend using) will modify the size of your mana pool, and no stats except Spirit will affect your in-combat MP5 (which is the vast majority of your mana regen).

So yeah, you want a ton of Spirit.

Outside of that, Intellect is fantastic, it's basically Spellpower from Wrath except it doesn't suck for Holy (because we aren't overhealing like crazy anymore) and it adds a little crit% too. Mastery rating is generally better than Haste, which in turn is generally better than Crit, but I would focus mostly on getting the pieces with the most Intellect and Spirit on them and just reforge whatever other stats are on the piece.

Note that Mastery>Haste>Crit is based on my PvE experience. I don't PvP much, so if you're looking for advice in BG's and stuff, you should probably wait for someone else's opinion ;-)
Well I came into to answer this, but apparently the goat girl beat me to it again.

She has it down though, spirit and int for primary's and then mastery for secondaries. The other two have such high requirements to increase, they don't end up being worth it. She hit most of it on the head honestly. As far as BG's go, it doesn't change much,at least it didn't in cata. You just want the PvP gear because it doesn't just reduce player damage now but increases your healing done in any kind of a PvP zone like battle ground or arena match up.
Intellect > Spirit > Haste and Crit > Mastery.

Whenever you have the chance to gem intellect, do it. Spirit shouldn't be reforged out of completely, but you can reforge SOME if you feel you aren't having mana problems (but this most likely won't be the case if you are doing it right and healing your face off in BGs in bg fights).

Haste and Crit right now are arguably on play style. If you enjoy slightly faster heals or a slightly increased chance at bigger heals, you sort of go a certain route and stack one. Always reforge out of Mastery into a more useful Haste or Crit stat. No one has really come up with definite answers on which is better. I personally am choosing haste for now, as I think those miliseconds of time getting a heal in can honestly make or break an entire fight if one important person goes down.

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