Checkin in on shadow questing.

Just got the dailies in on the shadow of eternal blossoms or whatever. The quests give rep for the golden lotus. But theres dailis that have you kill guys with 400k health or so. Now me loving both disc and holy. And not really wanting to abandon one of them. Is shadow worth going for killing all of those lovely and painfully high health guys for quests.

Really only saving grace questing is mindbender every other enemy and power infusion helping me kill things. Survivability. Well I play around with glyphs since they are cheap to change up.

So to those who are shadow. is the world so much faster to kill things with now? Or should I just bear with it until I can shove it to the golden lotus and get gear that may let me do more damage for it?

And a side note. I can understand the whole healers not doing a lot of damage thing. But theres a fine line when dps can do 30k easily. I have beaten many so its hard to say. But being able to have some sort of damage while questing or killing things is need. And mind sear is still crap for aoe. Which if we pull multiple then we will be there for a while. (The downside of level 90talents. Cascade will pull an entire room of trash. Same with halo. the star is nice and all, but I need a lot better gear if any of those are usable when alone. Since I don't really want to face 5 targets at once. Would love to. But... I am sure you all have seen that other class run around and snag 8 things and kill em all before you kill half of what they pulled. And they still beat you to the ground in killing em.

So seeing that, I need damage output. But shadow is not what it used to be. Which I didn't know it back then either. More of a hit buttons to heal guy than hit buttons for damage. So knowing if I could survive multiple things at once and kill them while being able to run off and do it again after.

Bah i need a lot more intellect. And haste. And crit. Ima see where reforging lays. not normal, but a little more bang for my healing buck is a good thing. Adn healing faster helps as well.
Yes, shadow is lots better for questing.

You're practically as survivable while questing as Shadow, but things die much easier.
Shadow can die if you over-pull, but between Void Tendrils and Psychic Scream, you really have to go crazy for survivability to be a problem. The speed of killing stuff also increases nicely with gear, in healer specs you just pull one or two and take them down faster, in shadow you start multi-dotting everything in sight and burn them all down faster.
I shall have to make shadow asap. Nothing is worse than needing 40+ seconds to kill a thing. With a cooldown. Yeah living is nice, but killing 5 guys at once with a macro to void tendrals saying tra la la! Because you hit that and the ai is nice to give you a break.

But I shall see where it goes now that I can do heroics. Got no haste but I got dots!
I look forward to not needing to take ages killing things. And able to use my minor glyphs.

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