Should I name my Paladin Purist or Omniknight

Such a short character limit on thread titles.
Oh, also bumping for spec choice.

Omni has the two handed hammer but he's also more of a support which Holy covers. (And perhaps help on transmogging him.)
How about a historical name that has some meaning rather than freaking Omniknight. WTH does that even mean?
Reference to one of my favorite games.

Historical/Latin/etc names are overdone. Every other character of mine is named to the point no other characters across WoW share that name, without special characters, too. I wanted to do something fun.
Just roll a priest and name him Kotl.
10/08/2012 12:59 PMPosted by Heritor
Just roll a priest and name him Kotl.

Time to change my DK's name to Abaddon.
I'd go with Omniknight. I remember that hero from DotA; pretty slick and creative, IMO.

The name also exudes a feel of versatility, which seems to be what you're doing with your toon.

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