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We Know Nothing - A Video Game Podcast is just that, a podcast from three average Joe gamers who have no standing in the industry, but are extremely passionate about the industry. We cover modern topics in a conversational way. Too many podcasts attempt to have the feel of professionalism from individuals who aren't professional. We are just a bunch of dedicated gamers who want to broadcast for other's amusement. The podcast is 18+ for language not suitable for a younger audience. Just listen, relax, and play games!

Here are some links for your convenience, please listen to us and share us any way that you can!


Stitcher Radio

YouTube (soon to be configured)

Twitch TV

In the future the three of us will be streaming random video games we decide to play or do a review on for our podcast. Listen to us on iTunes, Stitcher radio, or soon to be YouTube. We will be keeping the podcast up to date with what we plan to be streaming for the upcoming weeks.
You guys bumping on each others accounts? xP
We Know Nothing will be hosting a League of Legends tournament tonight. We have 16 teams participating and the first round will be played tonight. You can tune in at http://www.twitch.tv/knownothingpc to watch the games live!
The stream will be live in 30 minutes!

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