feral cant cast MOTW in form but boomy can

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Is this intended? Aside from not being able to cast rejuvenation in form like boomys can we cannot also cast our self buff in form, something boomy can also do. This is crucial because with dispells we have to constantly re-apply our own buff. I do not feel it is acceptable to force ferals to have to waste 2 global cooldowns in order to do so.

Feral should be allowed to cast Mark of the Wild without breaking form. Feral already has to shift forms more than any other spec and this just feel clunky and not right.

Consider this, with dispels going out every 10seconds roughly thats almost 3 full seconds wasted in GCD to re-apply our buff.

please seriously consider this.
I dont think this is a bug. This has been this way for a long while now, at least since patch 4.0. While I do agree that there are some spells a Feral should be able to cast (MotW and self healing), its not really a bug.

[edit] Also, the reason Boomkin can is because that form is in the spell caster tree (vs Feral being a more physical tree).
You're being too specific. Boomkins can cast any spell in Boomkin form while Ferals cannot cast any spell in their forms.

Working as intended.
Well both specs are dps trees and both need to able to cast certain spells in form. This is why boomy got the necessary changes it recieved, because they were necessary . Just like being able to cast our self buff without breaking form is.

This time lost in shifting out of feral to rebuff is a hamper on overall uptime. Our buff will be dispelled every 10seconds, we need to be able to rebuff ourselves. Shifting to buff and losing 3seconds of gcd time is really bad.
Moonkin form is only restricted in that, by default, it cannot cast healing spells without being removed. This limitation can be removed by a glyph. Since MotW is not a healing spell, they're free to cast it. If you go back far enough, MotW was actually a Balance spell, which is why they could originally cast it in form.

Feral forms (now Feral and Guardian), however, have never been able to cast spells which use mana without leaving their form. Why? Because the combat animal forms don't have mana. It's irrelevant which particular ability it is - it's costing a resource we don't have, thus it cannot be cast without leaving the form.

Incidentally, Nature's Grasp is a good indication of this. Once upon a time it cost mana and, thus, couldn't be cast from a combat form. Now it doesn't, and it can.

If you want to see this changed, you'll need to post in a more appropriate forum. By the sounds of it you have an interest in the Arena side of things, so the Arenas PvP forum would be appropriate.

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