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Apologies if these have been listed before, but the only way to get attention is repetition. If there's a better way to solve these issues that already exists, by all means throw it out there 'cause I don't see it. I'm certainly not trying to troll or rant here, just talking

I'm sure one thing that is foremost on everyone's mind is the pet heal/rez spell... 8mins? Flying back to SW or wherever to heal pets is ridiculous, bandages are only so good because you only have them when you get them from the quests, so when you're way out away from anywhere that has a healer and don't have bandages, you're screwed.

I'm not asking for a 30sec CD, but c'mon, let's be reasonable here. I can use it, go battle some more and still have to wait 7mins to use it again (or 6mins for higher level fights that take longer).

Perhaps the pet heals spell should be split up into two spells, heals and rez. I can see the rez spell having a considerably longer CD, but I shouldn't have to be forced to sit and wait for heals when I'm nowhere near a healer. The same could be said for the bandages, two bandages that do each, but then that's just one more item we have to carry, so I'm split on that one.

I've also seen ideas for first-aid being able to create bandages, so why not take it a step further and have it a levelable profession within the first-aid? Not sure how that would work, but it's just ideas.

I have noticed that some pets are still more powerful, even when the stats don't agree. Had a lvl12 Personal World Destroyer taking on a lvl11 beast, two out of three abilities were "strong" and somehow I still lost to both, even after using the repair. I'm still not quite sure how that happened, I should have stomped all over both of them with health to spare.

Also, when I cast something on an enemy pet, I notice the buff/debuff/spell (etc.) will say "your" instead of referring the the creature I'm attacking, so for instance I have a cockroach and cast 'Hiss', the creature I cast it on gets the reduced speed, but when I mouse over it the tool tip will read "reduces your speed by 25%". It also does the opposite, if a creature casts a buff for it's benefit, I mouse over my pet's debuff and it will read that my pet has 25% increased speed, when I know it's not mine, it's the enemy pet. Not a huge deal, just makes things a bit confusing at times.

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