Glyph of Inquisition.

What do you think about that glyph?

I'm using it but idk if i should. Because with this glyph i no longer have worries trying to keep it active. Then, i can smash more TV on bosses without wasting 3 HolyPowers every 20 sec.

Am I the only one who use this?

Shoot your opinions.
If you care about optimizing your damage output, you won't use it. It's a reduction in total damage.

If you don't care about that, do whatever you want.
That glyph is crap; the benefit to uptime does not compensate enough for the massive loss of Holy damage it imparts. Think of it as a set of training wheels for Inq - once you get good about tracking it, take it off and roll with the big kids.
its the same reason why you don't use the immediate truth glyph, it sucks. Also, put up powerauras or clcret to use as a general guide when to reapply inq
One extra TV per 60 seconds does not nearly make up for losing 15% holy damage all the time. The glyph is, sadly, a straight DPS loss.
It really does depend on your playstyle, honestly. If you think you can keep Inquisition up at all times, don't take it. It's a massive damage penalty. HOWEVER, if you're struggling with your rotation and end up just not using it (Inquisition) sometimes as a result, I'd take it.

Better to always have Inquisition up at half power than to just not be using it. (Ideally and when you get better, drop the glyph though. It's sort of a training wheels sort of thing.)
I use it and find it wonderful.

You lose 15% Holy damage but it's less annoying to keep up, plus you still keep the flat 10% Crit increase. I find it useful and don't plan on dropping anytime soon. :)

Plus GC posted an article, or statement can't remember, about theoritcal and emperical personal DPS and that using the Glyph will increase DPS if you can't keep Inquistion up without it *cough*.
I can see the glyph being useful in limited situations. Like overly gimicky boss fights that take you off the boss just long enough to force you to spend more Hopo to apply Inq than you use on TV; or 5man trash that dies fairly quickly with lulls in between packs. I personally used it while leveling.
Aside from that it is not a very good glyph.
If you can't keep inquisition up to the point this glyph becomes a dps increase, and if I remember my math correctly you have to be EXTREMELY bad to the point that it breaks even, then frankly this class might be a little too complex for you. You have 4 holy power generating abilities and the ability to store up to 5, there's no excuse anymore.

Blizzard may not make good no brainer glyphs anymore, but they sure as Hell still make bad no brainer glyphs.

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