LFR at 3am?

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Not sure on the times, I kinda just got used to things coming out around then.

But I heard rumors msv normal opened then. Will LFR open then as well? It'd give me less to do tomorrow so I can finish my shaman to 90 in one go before raid time.

Just a quick & curious question
LFR while being a weekly resets at the daily time every week. so 3am or 4am yes. whenever dailies reset so does lfr.


well it doesn't follow raid schedule because raid schedule implies lockouts. lfr has no lockout. it's closer to dailies than to raids in terms of functionality.
it appears its not enabled when the daily timer ticks over.

Was waiting for it & daily & valor cap reset and LFR is not enabled.

If anybody else can prove me wrong please do so
Servers are back up,still no lfr. Any word on the situation?
yep... I'm waiting for it too...
Gotta wait for instance to clear most likely. Isn't that done at 11PST or whatever?

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