PvP off hand weapons 2500cp?

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When i go the conquest vendor i cannot see an off hand only weapon of any kind for only 1000cp unlike the shields and caster off hand items. are classes that DW expected to pay 5000cp for the 2 weapons, compared to the 3500 that every other class will pay for their 2h or 1h w/ oh combined?

I have asked other DW classes just to see if its my client having an issue, and they cant see a cheep OH weapon either, but sites like wowhead have datamined the stats for an OH only fist weapon

just for planning the purchase of conquest gear i am interest to know if this is working as intended or will be fixed by the time that buying weapons comes around.
Considering your MH and OH have similar stats and casters do not, I'd say it's very fair.
the caster MH has double the pvp power to account for this, and the straight stats on a pvp OH are higher than that of a weapon minus the bonus spell power. current 470 1h/mh weapons have +617 stam +411 str/agi/intel +274 crit/spirit +274 resil. MH caster weapons have 2385 pvp power and 1h weapons have 1193. the stats on a non weapon OH are +802 stam +535 intel +357 spi/crit 357 resil.

DW gives us 1 more pvp power, with -185 stam, -124 str/agi/int, - 83 spi/cri, -83 res. the only advantage you can claim is that DW get 2 main weapon enchants.

the possible benefit of that is not worth the 1500 extra points, but the weapons are too important to every class that they will have to make it a priority.

so like i said, i hope this is a bug in the vendor, but would like some kind of answer before dropping and points on anything
also does the fact that this got redirected from customer support to bug reporting mean that this is infact a bug in the vendor?

(corrected error)
bump because its still not fixed
10/09/2012 09:46 AMPosted by Jessu
also does the fact that this got redirected from customer support to bug reporting mean that this is infact a bug in the vendor?

Not necessarily. It means it is not a customer support issue, and it got moved here for QA to investigate. However, I'd argue that since the vendor works and it is only a design/balance issue, it really isn't for QA either and probably more appropriate for developers/CMs on the PvP forums.

10/10/2012 12:47 AMPosted by Vorex
bump because its still not fixed

I'm experiencing this issue as well
Okay, so if that is the way Blizzard wanted it to be... Well it is totally unfair.. I mean why would we pay more ? Also, why are enhancement shamans the ONLY ones without a crafted weapon ?
Does blizz simply hate/don't care about enhancement shamans or did not notice that ? I find it REALLY frustrating right now.. Not only have we been amongst the worst, if not the worst in arenas... now we get this ?

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