PVE, Ret pally help!

Hey, I'm a ret pally and I need to know if I'm on par with other paladins. So this is what I do to test out my dmg. Go to the raiders training dummy, making sure the only target is that and not hitting other dummies or critters. My dps with out any cool downs is about 33-35k dps. with cool downs I can peak up to 65k dps.

Info about my pally. Ilvl 464, missing 3 enchants, talents used are divine purpose and execution sentence.
I like my build a lot because it has a ton of cc and also act like a helper healer with selfless healer and execution sentence i pull with my gear about 50k dps with out CDs but i have also with CDs pop up 150k to 175k but this build like the cata or lich king build the burst dps no so much overall dps like blizzard wants ret pallys to be like.

For aoe right now use seal of ture or blood what ever the one that puts the dots up and i will in raid have like 20 tomes to swith out Execution Sentence for Light's Hammer if the boss fight is a ton of aoe.

But over all Ret Pallys are gear need for dps unlike Frost mages or arcane, or even port secs across the board.

i hope that helps
Immediate Truth is a terrible, atrocious glyph; you're gimping yourself with it. You're .7% over hit cap. Coaster is a bad trinket; Carbuncle from Brewery or Lessons from Scholo would be better. Typically, Holy Avenger trumps Divine Purpose, though some of the later fights in SV might favor DP prior to 4pT14; preference or best judgment, just roll with what you're most comfortable.

How long are you running tests on the dummies? Anything less than 10 minutes isn't really enough to smooth out RNG, especially wtih DP.

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