What spec for best dps?! Thanks!

Hey just got back into the game and have a fresh level 80 warlock and i want to know, what is the best spec for top dps from 80-90? i do mostly dungeons to level with some questing when i get bored, any feedback helps! Thanks community.
Dungeons? Definitely Demo, by far. Just hit your Felstorm button.
Questing? 80-81, I found Demo to be the best because you could kill mobs in three ToC's and often gain fury while in Meta the whole time. After that, it's a bit of personal preference.
Affliction probably has the best single target (SS, Haunt, MG), but multi-dotting just isn't that great in Pandaland. Destro can burst stuff down and has decent self-heals with Soul Consumption/Soul Leech. Demo is an unstoppable tank but has to decide between strong AOE and strong personal defense (Meta versus DA).
Your doing something wrong in Affliction for Demo to be better then it.

Affliction is the top dps spec for warlocks...
i'm LOVING destruction, have been it since 75, really strong sustainable DPs! and it's fun ;-)
i out do another lock in Demon spec. its really really good dps is you reforge gem and have a great rotation.

i disagree that demo is not TOP i out dps Aff locks all the time. go mastery crazy and win.
Affliction is the highest dps by a wide margin right now.

Destro and Demo are just not up to par

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