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Being new to World of Warcraft can be intimidating and much like the intended purpose of this forum, the Guild Mentoring Program was created to help new players feel welcomed and supported. Some of you have already seen a few guild leaders post here and we wanted you to know that this is encouraged. In fact, we would love to see this forum and the program come together in team-like fashion with new players, so here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • As with all forums, the Code of Conduct and forum guidelines are still in effect. Please be sure to carefully read them both as they set the foundation for maintaining civility and constructive discourse on the forums.
  • Creating a guild recruitment thread here has been and will remain inappropriate and against the intended purpose of this forum. However, please know that specifically flagged volunteers of the Guild Mentoring Program are highly encouraged to seek out new players in this forum to let them know their guild is here to help. GMP guild leaders have been informed that it is perfectly okay to post a recruitment response to new players when appropriate and as long as it pertains to the topic of the thread.

  • Below you will find a list of all the Guild Mentoring Program guilds, their realm, and their faction. Also, I will be editing the post to include links to each guild’s official recruitment thread found on their realm forum or the Guild Recruitment forum. If an NPH&G regular happens upon a curious player, please feel free to direct them to the list below.
    Aggramar - Central
  • Alliance - Legendary
  • Horde - Knight Stalkers

  • Azuremyst - Pacific
  • Alliance - Mordax
  • Horde - The Crimson Guard

  • Blackhand - Central
  • Alliance - Silentium
  • Horde - Exile

  • Cenarius - Pacific
  • Alliance - The Queens Knights
  • Horde - Pwny Express

  • Dalaran - Eastern
  • Alliance - Dark Sun Knights
  • Horde - Dalaran Misfits

  • Dath'Remar - Oceanic
  • Alliance - Hybrid Theory
  • Horde - Zenith

  • Doomhammer - Mountain
  • Alliance - Conclave
  • Horde - FREE Guild Perks

  • Garona - Central
  • Alliance - Fair Enough
  • Horde - Focus Fire

  • Garrosh - Eastern
  • Alliance - Celtic Brotherhood
  • Horde - Audacity

  • Ravencrest - Central
  • Alliance - Texmex Pack
  • Horde - The Covenant

  • Saurfang - Oceanic
  • Alliance - INTEGRITAS
  • Horde - Antiquus

  • Sen'jin - Central
  • Alliance - Godz of War
  • Horde - WAR PIGZ

  • Shu'halo - Pacific
  • Alliance - Ronin
  • Horde - Renegades

  • Ysera - Eastern
  • Alliance - Breach of Faith
  • Horde – Myriad

  • (Links will be updated as we receive them: Updated Oct. 23 - All realms listed above are PvE)
    Thanks, Crithto!
    Thanks Crithio! Always appreciate clarification, I'm really excited to watch the Guild Mentor Program get up and running :D

    .... TurkeyJerky?!

    Never mind the Tauren we keep him around for comedic relief :P
    Turkey Jerky is a deliscous and nutritious treat at about 7 bucks a bag.
    If you're a new player looking for a guild this is a great start. These guilds have been handpicked by blizzard to mentor new players.

    If you don't see your server yet don't fret! The guild mentor program has just started and will branch out to more servers eventually.
    Love the idea! Keep it up!
    Thanks for the sticky! I'm sure it will be of great help to new players who might be looking for a helpful group of people in game. :D
    Sweet :D
    Great idea. :D
    Thanks, Crithto!
    Thanks so much, Critho! :) I really appreciate that this was put in!
    Thank you kindly!
    How does one find these guilds to speak to them? Thank you.
    10/12/2012 04:36 AMPosted by Lunardreams
    How does one find these guilds to speak to them? Thank you.

    In the body of the second post is a list of all the current Mentor Guilds and their home realms, with links to a few of their sticky threads in their Realm Forums.

    Your realm, Ysera is on the list with participating guilds. Maybe you can try looking into your Realm forums to see if there is any discussions happening right now:

    While you are logged into the game, you can open the Guild menu (default keybind is 'J') to begin searching for a guild and apply to membership.

    The mentor guild on Horde side Ysera is Myriad. The search and application process for the looking for guild section on the guild menu is strait forward, so don't hesitate to spend a little time looking through it.

    Finally, I imagine you can whisper any Myriad Guild member you see in-game and talk to them directly. As they are a mentor guild, I am willing to bet that they would be excited to hear from you.

    You can identify members by their guild name, which will appear immediately below their character name above each players avatar.

    Good luck :D

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