Ghostcrawler just tweeted..


Pack your things and put it in the bank.
Looks like my rogue is officially on standby for a few patches.
Of course, to get geared you need some minimal amount of gear (or to get carried).

So basically avoidance of work, "it'll fix itself at some point." Yeah, we're really damned fine.

This indicates, of course, that once the rogue population has easy access to higher ilvl gear (next tier and onward as things shift to JP) that they'll start saying that rogues are too powerful and we should be nerfed.

And you bet your butt that GC will suddenly perk up and start considering changes then, oh yes.
If you guys are upset that the team is waiting to get reliable data so that they can appropriately adjust us if needed, then I don't know what to say. I'd rather an informed fix over a blind one any day.
Rogue dps will go up and he will keep a CLOSE EYE ON THEM IN PVP?!



Every classes dps will go up. He basically said nothing other than wait and see what happens when players get more geared.

No wonder none of you understand posts on these forms. You guys are getting excited over nothing.

l2 comprehend.

One of his tweets actually say Rogue pve dmg is fine, but watching pvp? so yea the one tweet was about gear scaling for Pve, but at least they realize pvp dmg is low.
Wait, wait, wait!

Rogue DPS will go up with better gear?


You know who else's dps will go up with gear?


Great insight.
Two classes traditonally scale better with gear than other classes,

The first being Rogues and the other being Warriors. It is why these two classes get hardest hit with the nerf bat when they come out and also why blizzard is always afraid to over tweak them at the start of an expansion.

It isn't right, but it is pretty much how it's been since BC. The classes are either deemed Overpowered by everyone and lawl FOTM, or they are laughed at. There is very little ground in the middle. Rogues have had to live with this since World Of Roguecraft.

This doesn't excuse blizzard stance on the state of rogue, and certainly not GC comments. I know they are listening based of blue post within rogue forums. Something I haven't really seen since BC. All and ALL we just gotta keep letting our voices be heard.
10/09/2012 06:53 PMPosted by Vhinthia
I think Cata was a pretty good pattern for what we may experience here. At the beginning of the expansion we struggled, as time went on and the gear maxed out we got more and more dangerous. It's a little unnerving to see the class swing so bad, but definitely worth keeping mind rather than screaming about the sky falling. (FWIW, hadda 85 rogue. Got hacked into oblivion. Working on it. :( )

Nope, we didn't have it as bad as this. In early cata, although our sustain damage was pretty awful, our burst (Shadow Dance) was pretty good. Plus we had superb control relative to other classes. In MoP, we lack in every single department which includes control, survivability, damage, and mobility.
Rogue dps will go up and he will keep a CLOSE EYE ON THEM IN PVP?!


I have no faith in "GC" ... I just wish he can prove me wrong.
PvE dps is a bit slow for me.

PvP I got the fist weapon Im using now and my KS tears people massive holes in their !@#$. If they don't die to it they sure as hell will when I pop out of it with a 5 point kidney shot and maxed energy.

Im actually able to kill some of the worse healers alone now, if I CD right.
You can argue damage and gearing and scaling all day long.

What you can't argue is that as things stand RIGHT NOW rogues play incredibly slowly. My usual rotation involves waits of 2-5 sec before pressing a button. I do not experience that on my DK. I have heard "not enough energy" from this toon so often it makes me sick. I almost NEVER hear the equivalent from my DK.

The simple fact is that rogues need a normalized resource generation for both energy and CPs. When I get amazing procs this class is amazing. But I don't get amazing procs that often.

Take our resource generation off RNG and take our damage of auto-attacks and poisons. No one likes watching the game play itself.
Its not DPS I'm worried about... Rogues have always scaled badly. It's the f'n energy starvation that's killing me.
Sounds to me like the same crap sandwich we got when we sucked at the beginning of Wrath. "We expect you to stop sucking once you're geared in the first tier of raid content. Have your friends carry you in the meantime."

If gear scaling is supposed to fix us, what happens in Challenge Mode dungeons, where our stats get normalized? If our playstyle and output problems do go away past a certain equipment threshhold that's higher than the level of Challenge Modes, does that mean we'll keep sucking in them for the entire expansion cycle?
"Rogue dps in PvE is fine. Keeping a close eye on them in PvP though."

Hey, at least he is giving a nod to Rogues to let us know that they are aware of the concerns from the Rogue community. Now let's hope we hear something in regards to actual content changes.

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