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Hello Fellow Addicts,
I think Mists may be performing better than expected, but the one fault I find with it is the new race. Which isn't a terrible thing just a little disappointing...
So I would like to suggest some thoughts for a future patch down the road closer to the killing of the expansion boss.
I would like to see Azshara finally meet her end after its found out that she has been worshiping the world boss who transformed her and most Highborne into the Naga.
In preparation for her introduction and eventual end she amasses all of her current and former subjects, the Naga and Satyr, and begins to attack Silvermoon City and Darnassus to restore her crown there as well.
Also, this could be our expansion event we didn't get and maybe a sweet trinket or something be offered as reward for finishing the story-line, since we didn't get one except a blue puddle with Mists.
After the event is finished two new races unlock and the factions become aware of the impending onslaught and begin to brace the two elf races extend a hand out to each race and the two races choose which faction to join.
These new races will not have there own leader, but follow either Belf or Nelf and speak which ever language is chosen as well as there own unique language. Each race will have its own unique class, perhaps Priestmage for the Naga, been wanting one of those since I first hit Strat, and Demon hunter for the Satyr.

Just a Suggestion, I don't want to cause anyone any irritability or tremors for suggesting their drug of choice be changed

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