What I think we need PvP wise.

These are just a couple things I think we need PvP wise. Feel free to agree/disagree and input any opinions on what you think we need.

Shadowstep should be able to be used while rooted.
Burst of Speed needs to be reduced to 40 energy.
Crimson Tempest bleed should proc Venomous Wounds +10 energy tick on all targets affected.
Mutilate/Backstab/Ambush need additional critical strike chance.
Hemo should give us a bleed again if glyphed.
Deadly Throw should be baseline.
Vanish/Cloak of Shadows cooldown should be reduced.
Shadowstep should break roots. I mean, druids can break roots whenever they want so I don't see why not
What I think we need PvP wise.

To reroll mages.
Now that I have some gear and have pvped some at 90, I agree with all of that.

I don't feel as gimp as everyone has made it out to be, certainly underpowered. I think we also need some kind of damage reduction, or some classes need to be toned down. I have a good amount of resil and a warlock did 340000 damage to me in less than a global today, and warriors can still 2 shot me.

Also... the delay on the 4 pc proc... deadly brew has been bugged like this for years fix it already.

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