Best secondary stat for elem in pvp.

In cata, it was hit/spell pen cap > haste > mastery > crit for arena and hit/spell pen > mastery> haste > crit for RBG.

In MoP, stats are MUCH inflated compare to cataclysm and i find mastery to be the best stat.

However, Novoz(one of only 2~3 2800+ arena elem player in cata) is reforging into critical.

Any thoughts?
my horde shammy is reforged into mostly crit. with Grace of Air, i have pretty good mastery rate
I think its something like...

( Hit / Spirit > PvP Power > Mastery > Haste ) for everything especially this early in an expansion because stacking critical strike won't get you very far with this gear right now.

I'm also a bit iffy on PvP Power because it seems to work very well but I don't know the stat 100%.
pvp power is the new int.

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