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I was wondering, since pets obtained through events don't have a rarity, will rare captured pets be better than the event pets? For instance, would a rare rabbit have better stats than the feline familiar?
Some non-capture pets are rare and some are uncommon. It'd be nice if the interface told us which ones were or not. There is a post listing the ones that are rare. I'd also like to see a way to upgrade the uncommon pets to rare since there's no way to get a rare version of some of them.
Oh, do you know where that post is/can you link it? Thanks ^-^
Oh, found it actually! Do we know if they are going to fix it so we can see the rarity of noncaptures in the ui display at a later date?
Blizz has a history of looking at popular add-ons and then making them a part of the game, so I assume at some point the pet journal will do the things PetJournalEnhanced show the quality of non-caught pets, and allow ordering by level, and filtering for the zone you're in.

The feline familiar, by the way, is green-quality.

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