{H} Unholy/Blood DK looking for a new home!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hello all, I'm sad to say that I will no longer be able to raid with my current guild. I've lived in Korea for the last 4 years (+9gmt) and I've been in a few different late night American raiding guilds.

I've been playing since a few weeks before the release of BC and I've been raiding since T-7. My main since ICC was my ret Paladin Yells (silvermoon) I have played prot and ret, I raided in t-13 up to h-spine, but I had some personal things come up so I didnt get to finish out the tier :( But, everything is nice and stable now and I'm looking to move myself and my Paladin (ret/prot), Warrior (fury/prot) and my Warlock (demo/destro).

I keep up on theory crafting. I have 2 blacksmiths, an alchemist, a tailor, an engineer, an herber, a miner and a skinner. I will have my cooking and fishing leveled out soon. I'm prepared to contribute to the guild in any way they'll need.

At the moment my gear isnt all that great (crafted pvp helm, sub 7.5% exp, and several sub 463's) but I'm working on it while trying to get caught up on rep and search for a new guild.

I'm looking for a mature friendly guild that raids 2-3 nights a week starting anywhere from 6-9pm (+9gmt). I'll work hard be on time, if I have to sit for any reason such as raid stacking that's fine.

Mean DPS looking to join YOU!

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