Cloud Serpent Dailies

A few suggestions for these quests:

1. Please add primary profession quests such as herbing, mining, etc. Netherwing had those and it would give people additional pathways to exalted. I feel penalized for choosing this toon who doesn't have maxed arch, fishing or cooking. I wasn't gonna bother with first aid this time around but I felt I had no choice so as not to miss out on that daily. Now I see that dailies for Arch and cooking and fishing have been added and I'm a bit peeved that I can't participate. If you add quests for primary professions, choosing to grind this rep on a specific toon will not feel like I'm missing so much rep from having to skip most secondary prof. dailies.

2. Please make it so that every toon does not have to grind this rep in order to ride the cloud serpents. Making the cloud serpents level 90 only makes sense, but I would have more carefully considered which toon to start this rep grind on if I'd known before hand that not every toon will be able to ride them. Please change this so that every toon I have benefits from my work with this faction. A fee at level 90 to ride cloud serpents seems fair.

3. Lastly, the first aid daily - I understand this is a secondary profession quest, but it would be awesome if healers could use their own healing spells to finish this quest.

Thank you.
I have to agree with this. Fortunately I do have fishing and cooking either maxed or levelled sufficiently to be able to do these minor dailies. However, I do not have archaeology or first aid, and found out the hard way that tossing heals on the wounded cloud serpents will -not- complete that daily quest, which is a bit silly. I do questing as Enhance, which has plenty of built in healing, but I am primarily Resto, so I don't really see a need to level first aid on a toon that has decent healing capability. As for Archaeology, levelling that is so tedious I don't care to ever do it on this toon. I have it on an alt, and that's more than enough.
You should check to not permit acceptance of a quest that cannot be completed unless certain other requirements have been met.
EG - the heal injured babies. How can you do this without 1) first aid 525 to use the bandages or 2) be a healer that can heal others or 3) be a Palladin that can heal others or 4) be a Shaman with healing capabilities. Get the point.
A mage that can do alchemy and create potions, but cannot use them on others does not qualify. Doing first aid from scratch is not where it's at. This quest should be greyed out for those that have no hope of doing it.
Same for fishing, per se. If that profession is not in ones list, then how can you get the fish, other than buying at AH maybe. I can see allowing this type. But definitely not the bandage one.

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