<Incipit> Lf an exceptional Tank

<Incipit> of Kel'Thuzad is currently looking for more members for our core 10 man raid to push progression. We're currenlty in need of an exceptional Meatshield with a dps off-spec. We provide Flasks, Food Buffs, Gems, Enchants & Repairs are all provided. In return, we want you to pull your own weight in raids. This should go without saying but we expect you to be very knowledgeable about your class, raid encounters & have the raid awareness & brain capacity to move your character when needed.

Current Recruitment Needs:
• Brewmaster Monk - High
• Blood Death Knight - High
• Feral (Guardian) Druid - High

• Working Mic
• Mumble
• Able to make main raid times & show up on time
• Awareness
• Ability to pull the required healing & damage need to progress. As well as competative to earn your raid spot.

Raid Times:
•Tuesday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST
•Wednesday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST

Interested? Reply to this thread of visit our website http://incipit-guild.enjin.com. For anymore information please contact Kailen, Repeal, or Galifdor.
You can also contact Vulgax if neither Droogs or Galifdor or Kailen are on.
^ He bites, you've been warned!
LF rdps and monks so we can stop bumping...
Still seeking ranged dps and monks. Healers, tanks and mdps would need to earn a spot.
Haha Busy I love you for that comment.
BUMP, Blue Square is nice.
3rd times a BUMP!
Blood DK's OP BUMP
Droogs not bis. Makes me sadface, these dogs also make me sad face.
10/02/2012 12:38 PMPosted by Kailen
^ He bites, you've been warned!

Depends if its off cooldown.....
The Golden Hall
... More like the enchanted graveyard
#Prairie-Dog while raiding
#Skeet Skeet Bang Bang
#Standing in giant purple pools

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