Druid Professions

Which Professions pairs good with a DRUID?
herbalism and whatever you want. we dont leave flightform when picking an herb so we never have to fight mobs.

taurens also get a bonus to how fast you grab the herb. its can make a lot of money pretty quickly.
i pick herbalism and mining. you can herb while in flight form or travel form, you can also save time on summoning mount after every ore you mined. Archeology is also good for Druid. just make a hot key for your flight form
Thank You
skin+LW. crt is good for any spec, some more than others, and LW perks (dirt cheap bis bracer and pants enchants) make it great for leveling. And if you're short of gear and queuing as feral/guardian, you can use the same pieces and just swap the enchants out at a click of a button.

Plus, you can make your own gear.
My druid has become my general-purpose gatherer, with herbalism and mining. And now she's probably making most of my money.

Druids aren't just good for herbalism; they're good for mining too. Skipping all those 1.5-second remounting times adds up.
The bonuses from gathering professions are subpar... but if it's not your main, then that's not a problem.
IMO, level with herabalism/alchemy -- then switch herbalism to inscription.
why not just start with inscription? You'll get your sweet epic staff.

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