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I'm returning to WoW after quitting about 3-4 years ago, MUCH has changed. Currently I'm leveling up a druid, I decided I wanted to play a class that I never played just to keep me interested and so I wont get burned out as fast. After having talked to people in game about healing, dps, raids etc. I've gotten mixed opinions about druid healing as well as the class as a whole, basically ranging anywhere from bad to great! I'm currently specced feral for leveling of course, however I plan to spec into resto and do end game healing. I've had experience with priest and pally heals in the past but never touched druid heals. In light of the major changes I've come to face coming back into the game, I was curious if I could get some more info from you guys about the druid class from both a dps and healing perspective, how well they fare against others in raids or simply just how useful they stack up in raids. Would be a great help. =)

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