Ret PvP damage low

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^^ i said gear you bin
no you just dont read and type away like most trolls you dont bother me at all you just another troll. l2read flameboy
inb4 Lobster 2.2, everyone else still crying.

i hit 25k hammers of wraith.
our finisher hits less then our CS.

Funny. Mine doesn't.
10/05/2012 12:48 AMPosted by Penetrate
Ok. I am literally killing !@#$. Dmg isnt crazy but im probably just playing better than all of you. Im full pvp gear and probably gemmed and reforged completely wrong and the two classes i cant 1v1 is blood dk and SOME ferals. Just skill up or dont cry on here. Our damage gets better with gear. Just chain CDs and you will notice things die more
Our damage gets better and so does our opponents. At full Conquest we still wont be able to kill anything
You all need to reroll warriors. Seriously, quit your paladins.

(except for a few of course)

@Angelista: Your weapon is worse than Agincourt's. Are you even trying?
I was able to be on the top killing and top damage the other night with the spec where iam at the moment. fact Rets geared up are still hurt a lot. they not Op and not low dmg i can say.

however i need to enchant my gear still.
I feel like Ret is in a really great position as far as balance of damage, healing, and utility goes...I think Blizzard really hit the mark! I do feel like a few classes are well off the mark though...

Warrior do great damage, maybe slightly higher than Ret...but the real ace that they have its the rotation of stuns and silences they can use to nearly render a target helpless while they pour out that great damage...and if they do get in trouble, they have a strong passive heal and Defensive Stance to fall back on. Warriors have 3 strong points, that when combined, make them fairly OP. The control they have makes the 4%/sec heal and the damage output significantly better than it would otherwise be.

Shadow Priest are in a great spot too...but I think the off-healing ability needs a slight tuning downward...

Beast Mastery Hunters while lacking long-term survive ability (unless using a Spirit Beast) have entirely too much burst during their cooldown phase. Beastial Wrath/Dire Beast/Stampede all stacked together puts out nearly unhealable damage even if the intended victim uses defensive cooldowns and gets healed. The kicker is that they can reset these cooldowns for round #2...when the target has already burnt opposing cooldowns...checkmate! Secondly, during BW/Stampede the Spiritmend from a Spirit Beast is superior to even a healers ouput...acting as more or less an arena legal Lay on Hands!

Rogues could probably use a slight boost at this point...they still have good control, but the damage just isn't there from what I've encountered, and they are a lot easier to kill this season than last as well...seems warriors got blessed with the OP Recuperate rogues lost (lol Second Wind) even though warriors have control on par with a rogue now...

Healers are pretty strong overall...I would say they could use a slight nerf, except there are classes that can kill them even 1v1 (warrior and hunter come to mind)

I don't think Ret has a problem...I think there are a few classes that need to be knocked down a notch to fall more in line with where Ret currently is...expect to see changes in the 4 weeks into-season balance patch.

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