Stealth nerf to prospecting?

I've been making a fair bit of gold the past week with JC\Alchemy. Prospect ore, transmute Primal Diamonds with the gems I get, then just AH the rest of the uncut ones I don't need. To stop myself from overwhelming myself, I'll generally prospect 20 - 30 stacks of ore at time, depending on the market value. This generally would yield me a pretty even spread across all the rare gems. But in the past day or so, there has been a drop of Vermilion Onyx\Wild Jade\Imperial Amethyst from my ore. Before where I'd generally get 6 - 8 of each kind of rare gems, I now find myself only getting 1 or 2 of those required for the meta xmute.

Now, I know random is random, and generally I would chalk it up to a bad roll of the dice with some prospects. But the AH prices on my server are reflecting the Vermilion Onyx\Wild Jade\Imperial Amethyst shortage. Where it would range from 100g - 200g per gem before, it's now up to 400g - 600g per gem.
Even if what you were saying is true in that they nerfed the rate of rare gems, it wouldn't really matter because the end product (primal diamonds) would rise as a result. Also, make the BoE necklaces and rings with your serpent eye's because they are selling for nearly 900g each on your realm.
I know the end product has gone up, Diamonds when from 1000g yesterday to roughly 2000g today.

Thanks for the tip on the jewelery though, I never did more than just prospect and xmute. I never looked into branching out into the jewelery market.
The jewelry got stealth nerfed overnight - JP gear was increased to ilvl 458, but jewelry remains at 450. So there is a lot less reason for anyone to buy it.

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