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Pet Battles
For some reason, places like Stormwind lags for me. Now, I know this doesn't happen to all players. However, on a large server like mine it just does. Because of this, when I have an arena in Stormwind or similar places, I lose picking my first pet AND even a few rounds depending on the lag.

I know it's a lot to ask, but can us people with lag spikes have some sort of lag recognition?
The server has no idea when you're having a lag spike, so the only option would be for Blizzard to extend the duration of the action timer. The problem is that the other player has to sit and wait - and wait - and wait - while you lag.

Assuming you're talking about PvP battles (since the NPC pet battles have no timers), I think a better solution would be to have the random zones spawn and not show the players around the battle. But ultimately, it sounds like there's an issue with your computer that should be addressed. In order for you to lose your choice of first pet and a couple turns, you're talking about over a minute of loading time. Is there some exaggeration in there?

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