Expertise for PvP

Hey this is my first legit PvP season as rogue. I am wondering what the requirement for expertise is?
4% or 5% i am pretty sure.
Use too you went for 5% because most classes had 5% by default. Now you only need 3%, but if you have to land that Dismantle I would say go for 5%. On melee classes their main stat gives them either more dodge or more perry.
Thanks. So expertise is 3% and hit is 5%, right?
Hit is 3% for PvP as well.

It used to be 5%
so try 3% hit and 5% exp if you are seeing a lot of melee, if not go 3% each.
Just to add whats already in here

I checked briefly while reforging and 3% hit covers specials, and 3% expertise covers miss. If you want to cover parry, I think you need more exp. but I don't think it's worth saccing mastery or our already tiny crit over.

Need mastery for dem piew piewz

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