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After how derp the heroics are, I was worried they'd be too easy. I enjoyed a challanage.
It has the basic characteristics of being a first boss fight (aka being a pushover for DPS) while actually having some decent mechanics to it. I loved it.
Feels like it's tuned super high. I'm not against meeting a great challenge, but this seems pretty tough to deal with.

Good - normal modes are supposed to be tough at first. But with scaling nerfs this is okay now. I won't be trying normal modes until I've seen them in LFR at least.

But I bet the hardcore guilds still found normals lolworthy.
We ended up not getting through it because we weren't really having an official run. We technically set our start at next week, but we just had so many people 90 tonight we threw together a group. So we were missing core members, and quite a few people weren't geared yet. We had a few healers that were still in a mix of dragonsoul and quest gear... So mana was a bit of an issue lol. All that being said, after we pushed through the massive amount of !@#$ that flies around the screen on 25 man, we managed at best attempt at around 39%. After we broke a 10 man officer group went in and got it down. Shouldn't be any problem next week with our full group and with half our heal team not in %^-* gear.
Even when the mechanics were done flawlessly, healers were steadily just running OOM from Jade Shards, Rend Flesh and Autos.

Best we got is about 60% (without lust because we werent going to bother lusting unless we hit 50%. Either we lack gear or its fairly overtuned.
Yeah, we are seeing the issue of being undergeared a bit for stone guard. Our healers are going oom quickly and the rend's are destroying our faces (tanks). We had the taunt mechanics down well by the last wipe, and I believe that the chains and purple pools (and moving out of them when chains are up) was one of our other major issues. We also tried to 2 heal this. Was 2 healing in half quest/half heroic dungeon gear a big derp on our part, or did some of you actually get through this bleedfest with only 2 healers?
Okay my guild didn't find it as easy as Raxxed's but it is definitely not overtuned. A lot of my guildies still had DS gear and we got it after a few attempts, good fun ^^

it was a nice change having to actually watch out for things rather than just DS's number checks
Went down pretty easy, under 5 attempts. The second boss took a little more time, but mostly because we were talking about how to do it. Still did it in 8 attempts or so.

Third boss is notably more challenging, it has a pretty tight dps check that's going to force you into 2 healers and making sure you're spot on with managing the spirit realm rotation and maximizing that buff. Either way, we'll still probably take it down tonight in a few attempts.

I don't really call bosses that die in under 20 attempts anything of real challenge.
Even when the mechanics were done flawlessly, healers were steadily just running OOM from Jade Shards, Rend Flesh and Autos.

Best we got is about 60% (without lust because we werent going to bother lusting unless we hit 50%. Either we lack gear or its fairly overtuned.

So it's either your gear, or the fight. There couldn't by anything YOU could possibly do different to do the fight better?
Holy !@#$ did my raid team do this fight wrong but still killed it pretty easily lol. We kited the dogs and had everyone group up on the back of the boss to eliminate chains and move as a group to avoid puddles only taunting when one was petrifying and use raid CDs on big explosions lol.
We got him to 50% once after about 30 attempts. I loved it. I started really raiding at about 20% in DS so I was used to fights where you simply needed to not screw up. Now you not only have to not screw up, you have to do at least a good job. I like that.

Our group's main issue was that 90% of us were missing quite a lot of gear so the healers went oom pretty fast and the dps was having some trouble with chains and pools. We have a lot of melee in our comp so that doesn't help on this fight. Also I tended to move the boss in the worst possible places :P

It was fun.
I have a couple questions regarding the details of the fight mechanics.

1) Will the same guardian ever cast petrification twice in a row? I'm guessing not, since it would be at zero energy after the first cast and thus it would be very difficult to get it up to 100 again without running into energy-capping issues with the other guardians, but confirmation on this would be nice.

2) Do you find it to work better if the tank taunts the OT add first, if the OT taunts the tank add first, or do you try to time it simultaneously? My biggest concern is unnecessary energy generation among the non-petrifying guardians, and trying to minimize that to avoid bad detonations.

3) Have you found more success having your tanks do the callouts for swaps, or having someone else in the raid tracking energy and petrifications?
Once LFR is released, iLVs will nerf this boss..keep that in mind
Ok, so i have a question. My guild was doing this last night and got to 43%. We wiped over and over for hours. The problem that we were facing is that we would have one overload pop, and we had the 90% damage reduction, then we would have another overload soon after that and we would all take the damage. Is this a mechanic problem? Or is this sometimes un avoidable? It didnt happen everytime an overload went off, but every attempt it did, because it usually killed several people and caused a wipe. I am not the raid leader, or a tank, I simply want to know what we are doing wrong, or if this is something everyone is dealing with. thank you.
10/02/2012 09:37 PMPosted by Bazookajoe
I do not know how else to explain it, but it really seemed like there was a tremendous issue with taunts, working clunky. Also the raid damage outgoing was insane. We had healers going oom at 75% health left on the boss. Any tips?

Note that we haven't manage to kill it, but we ended up with pretty much the same situation as you did.

I was basicly calling everything for tanks last night so I can tell you this to have your tanks up to it.

That's for 10men:
To make it very simple, and make you tank react quickly without to much trouble, all they have to do is remember which Guardian is currently giving Petrification. At this point, both tanks should discard that particular Guardian for the next possible taunt swap. Then, each tank looks at what Guardian they are holding (or second one). You should have more than enough time to take all this into account before the overload hits.

At which point, both tank should stay ready to taunt off eachothers the 2 remaining one (remember, we discarded the petrifying one) and wait for the next Petrification. Once it hits, you SHOULD (can happen that time is running out) have plenty of time to react accordingly and taunt OR not the quilen, depending if needed. It's MUCH better to wait a few seconds to analys what color is petrifying than dealing with a wrong taunt sequence.

So in practice,

let's say you have Jasper and Amethyst on MT, Jade on OT. Jasper is the first one to petrify. After switching both Jasper and Amethyst at ~50 energy. Both tanks should know that Jasper is out of the equation. So MT should be ready to grab Amethyst back from OT and OT taking Jade back from MT. If Amethyst is casting petrification: Taunt swap. If Jade is pertrifying, do nothing.

Whatever you did above, taunt or not, you should be back to the beginning and just think about Jasper and the OT's current Guardian, and have them ready to taunt if Jasper isn't the next to petrify.

It's hard to put in words where images could basicly sum it up in seconds and basicly make it super easy for any tank, but this is how it is. In 10men at least. You rarely have to deal with 3 values, as you only have to take care of 2.
Personally I'm thoroughly enjoying the fights in Vaults so far. They're actually hard; its a comforting change of pace from the heroic 5 mans and from previous raids. Fights shouldn't be easy when the expansion is first released.

PS: If you get farther in and are having trouble with enrage timers, try 2 healing. Every boss my guild had enrage trouble with we downed first try with 2 healers.

Here's our WoL if anyone wants to see what kind of numbers were necessary to 2 heal: .
I used to break chain in jasper petri but I keep it because it's useless to break it and get the same debuff again in three seconds. So just stack like a !@#$ and move together. Anyway this week is easier than yesterday, yesterday was a total %^-*, you have 2 void zone to deal with, cobalt bomb and amethyst pool. Rooted in amethyst with healer need to dispel and heal, pretty much can't do that yesterday, wowprogress still sign only 6 guilds pass the stone guards before wednesday.

Today we did it in 8 attempts or so, as long as cobalt and amethyst not up together, you can deal with it pretty easy.
It is most definitely not overtuned. My guild pugged 2 people. We were missing enchants and gems, sub 460 ilvl. Killed them in 8 attempts once we figured out the best way to deal with jasper chains was to stack the entire encounter, they never fell off but they didn't do any damage. On the kill, none of them were able to overload without their petrification debuff. The OT always taunts the guardian with the most energy.

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